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Part 2 - The Doll Leg Day Workout

With this workout, we are focusing on toning the legs, glutes, and abs. No gym? No problem! - It can be done anywhere!

Hey Hey! HT Here! Coming back to you from the fields of this lovely Los Angeles Park to drop some fitness workouts on you this week. Yes, I'm back here so I can show off this progress. I recently committed to a 21-day diet and everyone needs to see the progress that made. Jkjk. I'm here for you all so lets get into this workout.

The Doll Leg Day Workout Part 2 - Exercises

Be sure to watch the video of me doing them. I recorded them so you can see this cute outfit and know exactly how the movement should look.

Do 5 rounds of 20 reps on each leg per exercise with 30 second rest in between each round:

*jump rope or do jumping jacks for 1 minute between each exercise

  • Donkey Kicks

  • reverse lunges with high knee

  • speed skaters

Work up a little sweat and tone and shape those glutes and legs with this quick, efficient workout. Try it out and leave a comment and let me know your thoughts and how you felt.

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