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How to Make the Most of Eyelash Extensions

For all us with short lashes, stubby, or stick lashes eyelash extensions are the best beauty invention ever. If you are tired of spending three hours putting on mascara each morning, an hour long appointment with a lash extension specialist will leave you with full, fluttery, wispy beautiful eyelashes. But all good things must come to an end. Which is why eyelash extension maintenance is a must. Eyelash extensions are completely manageable as long as you follow these expert approved tips

1. Sleep on your back.

The first few days after application it is important to sleep on your back to avoid any kinks from the glue while it dries.

2. Give your lashes a lot — of TLC.

When removing your makeup use soft cleansing cloths instead of cotton pads. Not only could the cotton pads weaken the extensions they can get stuck in them.

3. Oil them up.

Keeping your lashes dry is not smart. Extensions actually last longer when they are oiled up. Use your fingers to apply baby oil to your extensions.

4. Comb them.

In order to avoid any weird looking or stray lashes, brush with a spoolie wand. Apply the wand on top of lashes and brush to keep them defined.

5. Resist playing with them.

Eyelashes shed naturally so extensions help pull them off. If an extension looks out of place avoid pulling it or twisting it off instead let if fall off naturally and use a spoolie brush in the meantime.

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