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V-Steam: Should You Get One?

What is V-Steam? Vaginal steaming commonly known as V-steam is an ancient Korean treatment that provides a steam facial for the vagina to release toxins. Although there is little known support for its benefits from a clinical standpoint; there is a surplus of evidence that support its healing powers from soothing menstrual cramps to boosting fertility. It's even been claimed that it improves sex life. So is this a trend we should all get in on?

V-Steam: How it works

V-steam works pretty much how it sounds. A woman squats down without underwear over a steaming pot of water infused with therapeutic herbs such as basil, orgenao, mugwort and wormwood. During the 20-45 minutes process, the steam dilates the blood vessels, increases blood circulation, provides oxygen and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.

Mugwort is known to treat intestinal disorders including cramps and is used for menopausal and menstrual complaints along with infertility. The herb stimulates the production of hormones in order to maintain uterine health and protect the uterus from tumors.

Wormwood, similar to mugwort, has been used to aid digestive disorders and immune system strength, while regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle and hormones. The herb is also considered to be antimicrobial and a sedative that can detoxify the uterus. The combination of these herbs accompanied with some steam, cleanses, tones and nourishes the cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues.

A detoxing facial for your vagina is comparable to the effects of aromatherapy, steam baths, and even a relaxing hot shower. If you’re curious, try v-steaming for yourself and see what benefits it provides you.

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