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Doll Haus Fat Burner is a NEW weight loss formula. It contains natural ingredients that help transform fat into energy and eliminate the excess of water in the body.  Helps reduce and maintain a healthy body weight. Helps control the appetite. Takes part in the transformation of fat into energy. Accelerates the metabolism. Increases the energy levels.


180 Caps


All Skin Type


Helps reduce and maintain a healthy body weight.
Helps control the appetite.
Takes part in the transformation of fat into energy.
Accelerates the metabolism.
Increases the energy levels.



Adults - Take two (2) capsules before breakfast, two (2) capsules before lunch, two (2) capsules before dinner as a dietary supplement.



Main Ingredients:

Chromium Picolinate acts on the insulin hormone making it work more efficiently, thus helping you loses weight and is especiallyimportant as a nutritional supplement for people who have Type II diabetes. It has been used to reduce high cholesterol and to lower blood
sugar level (hypoglycemia). Chromium picolinate acts as an inhibitor of the desire to eat sweets. In addition, it helps to burn calories, to control your appetite, and it increases the tone of lean muscle mass during the process of losing weight. It is significant the role of chromium picolinate in the body, helping to keep insulin levels within the normal range. Insulin, of course, regulates blood sugar levels and fat, and stimulates protein synthesis in muscles. 

L-carnitine has a chemical structure very similar to a vitamin that helps in several functions of the body. Its main function is to stimulate the breakdown of fats.  

Garcinia Cambogia or Gambodia stores glycogen in the liver and other tissues, thus reducing the appetite while increasing the energy
levels. It also reduces the production of triglycerides and cholesterol and it can increase thermogenesis, the burning of calories.  It does not cause insomnia, nervousness, and changes in blood pressure or heart rate and does not diminish its effectiveness over time.

Synephrine - Citrus Aurantium can be used to stimulate the metabolism of fats
without cardiovascular side effects. It is also a mild and aromatic expectorant and a laxative for constipation. Those who consume this product can expect an increased caloric expenditure, appetite reduction and increase of energy, 

Buchu Leaf  Its active ingredient, diosphenol, is a potent diuretic and antiseptic.  As a diuretic, it stimulates and cleans the urinary system, helps to correct the fluid retention helping to remove the excess water in the body. In addition, Buchu  Leaf increases sweating, an excellent way to clean toxins through the skin, which helps to lose weight.

Green Tea are the dried leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plantThe green tea protects against certain types of cancer because it contains antioxidants. Green tea is also used for stomach problems, vomiting and diarrhea, to reduce tooth decay, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blockages of blood vessels that can cause heart attacks. Green tea is being promoted as an herb that can prevent certain bacterial infections.

Dieters Detox Cleanser

Lose Weight, Cleans and Detoxifies the system without cramping and 100% NATURAL! 
Doll Haus Dieter's Cleanse as diuretic and detoxifier is very effective to maintain a healthy colon. SlimSpa Dieter's Cleanse has been formulated to remove waste materials accumulated in the colon making possible the elimination of the excess of toxic substances that could cause various diseases. Doll Haus Aesthetics Cleanse is an essential first step in any weight management plan, for use between programs, or for use by any adult desiring periodic cleansing.

120 Capsules


All Skin Types


Doll Haus Dieter's cleanse has been formulated to remove waste materials accumulated in the colon making possible the elimination of the excess of toxic substances that could cause various diseases.


The best way to get rid of chronic constipation is to cleanse your colon with a natural detoxifier and switch to a diet high in fiber and water. The most common cause of constipation is a lack of water and fiber in the diet. Doll Haus Dieter's Cleanse is the answer. Exercising and a change in lifestyle will help a lot. And do not forget to drink water as an essential element to keep the colon healthy. Try Doll Haus Dieter's Cleanse and you'll be satisfied.

Possible effects:
Helps in the process of weight loss
Cleanses and detoxifies the colon
Reduces the retention of liquids
May help in preventing colon cancer.
Provides better digestions.
Improves the absorption processes taking place in the colon. 
Relieves diarrhea, upset stomach and other digestive disorders. 
Helps maintain adequate levels of cholesterol.


Thermo Active Hot Gel


After intense study, we've created our exclusive formula Doll Haus Aesthetics Thermo-Active Gel, which is a thermo active slimming body gel (hot) that contains key ingredients that generate heat, necessary for the mobilization, break down and subsequent elimination of excess fat from the body.
Doll Haus Aesthetics Thermo-Active Gel produces heat, to activate the metabolism and increases the body's circulation. This can help areas of the body where there is greater deposit of fat and cellulite - i.e. hips, thighs, abdomen, arms, back...etc.).
The penetrating heat produces an internal effect in the called body TERMOLIPOLYSIS, that is the dissolution or break down of fat (LIPOLYSIS) by the increase of the body's heat (THERMOS).

Thermo active hot gel, is now available to help men and women for effective and real results with cellulite, slimming and size reduction. Its blend of natural herbs ingredients have been used for you as an effective and successful cellulite treatment.
 Try it NOW and see RESULTS !!!!



16 oz


For any client who wants to reduce localized fat and cellulite


Methyl Salicylate, Camphor, Centella Asiatica, Fucus Algae & Silymari

Trifecta Weight Loss Set

$110.00 Regular Price
$77.00Sale Price
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