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This Meal Plan is the perfect aid along with my treatments and shapers to mold your body into the body that you've always wanted. For the best results use in conjunction with my treatments,  shaper, meal plan and exercise.

Maintaining Results involves learning how to eat healthy. I introduce to you the easiest meal plan that you and your family (children) can do together. My meal plan is realistic, cost efficient, and YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY.

Majority of my clients lose up to 5-11 pounds in the 1st week on my meal plan. Currently the most weight loss in 1 week is 22lbs in 1 week. I use this meal plan to lose weight or maintain my treatment results.

It is very important to lose weight the right way in order to be healthy and keep it off which I have done.

The longer you are on a balanced diet you will no longer crave oils, fats, grease, candy, sodas etc...and you will feel more energized.

The Weight Loss Meal Plan is a 7 day plan full of versatility. Its very easy to manage, and you can turn my 7 day meal plan into a 30 day plan. You can do this because of the many options of meals that we have incorporated in my meal plan.

Instead of making 1 portion for that particular meal you can make 3-5 days worth and when mutiplied thats 35 days full of healthy meals.

Congrats on making the 1st step to a new and healthier you.

Doll Diet to Stay Snatched

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